You can’t sing without ears

Try this game: put some headphones over your ears and play any song from your CD collection at random. Then try to sing ‘Happy Birthday’. Question: what do your listeners hear? Answer: a racket! You sing out of… Read More

Clammy hands and a shaky voice

There is a small area deep in your brain that becomes very active when you experience powerful emotions. Because this area is in contact with many other areas of the brain that help you to perform a wide… Read More

Do I have to stop with singing?

The moment has arrived: your voice has changed and become ‘adult’. The first symptoms of these changes can differ from person to person. Your voice might sound less firm and less solid. You may need to make a… Read More

I sing with my feet

This is true: we sing with our whole body, from the soles of our feet to the top of our head. Every part of our body needs to work together to produce a good voice sound that is… Read More