A quick glass of cola before rehearsals, because I have been shouting my head off all day!

The most important don’ts according to choir leaders Smoking (64.9%) Shouting (63.8%) Arguing (38.1%) Smoking and shouting are the top two don’ts of two-thirds of the choir leaders. One in three think that arguing, forced whispering and too… Read More

A dream rehearsal!

From the answers to the EYSI, it seems that the choir leaders would like to devote attention to the following matters in their dream rehearsal: Singing in harmony Correct breathing Posture Voice warm-up Voice care Articulation Training of… Read More

O dear, I’ve lost my voice…

You will be able to recognize when your voice is starting to fail, because you will be confronted with various problems when singing. You find it harder to reach the high notes, your throat is sore, your voice… Read More