Voice mutation affects my singers by…

Almost 60% of the choir leaders are of the opinion that voice mutation affects both boys and girls. Almost one in three thinks that voice mutation only affect the voice of boys and nine choir leaders think that… Read More

I know everything about the growing voice. I have experience!

For the majority of choir leaders their own training and experience are the most popular sources of information about voice mutation. More than three-quarters of the choir leaders claim that they recognize vocal development in their choristers by… Read More

My voice will never change!

The physical and psychological growth that children and youngsters in the choir undergo is determined by an interaction between their hormones and their brain development. Everybody goes through more or less the same phases. But the moment when… Read More

O dear, I’ve lost my voice…

You will be able to recognize when your voice is starting to fail, because you will be confronted with various problems when singing. You find it harder to reach the high notes, your throat is sore, your voice… Read More

Do I have to stop with singing?

The moment has arrived: your voice has changed and become ‘adult’. The first symptoms of these changes can differ from person to person. Your voice might sound less firm and less solid. You may need to make a… Read More