Oops, that’s too difficult!

Half of the young singers admit that they sometimes experience difficulties when singing some songs. The most frequent difficulties are singing high and low notes and keeping in rhythm. 40 to 60% of the children and youngsters say… Read More

Singing in the choir … and elsewhere!

Slightly more than half of the children and youngsters say that they need extra practice time outside of normal choir rehearsals. Youngsters practice more away from the choir than children do. The text is the element that requires… Read More

Clammy hands and a shaky voice

There is a small area deep in your brain that becomes very active when you experience powerful emotions. Because this area is in contact with many other areas of the brain that help you to perform a wide… Read More

I’m exhausted!

Singing gives you energy, but it also takes a lot out of you. As a result, it is normal that young singers feel tired after a choir rehearsal. But the patterns of tiredness, the need for sleep and… Read More