When I sing, it’s like playing in a film!

Nearly all the choir leaders say that they attach great importance to facial expression and bodily movement during singing, as well as to the personal environment and the fantasy world of their young singers. Two-thirds of choir leaders… Read More

Singing makes me…!

If I sing, something happens to me … And it is nearly always something positive. Three out of every four young singers feel happy, feel good, or try their best. Half experience emotions such as pride, ambition and… Read More

In front of the class I am a natural performer!

Both the choir members and the choir leaders report that the young singers gain in self- confidence and make a more confident impression on others. The choir members also claim that in general they are happier and have… Read More

A compliment really makes me feel good

What do we want if we are together in a group with other people? Expressed briefly, we want (1) to feel safe and comfortable, (2) have influence, (3) personal contact, (4) autonomy (5) competence and (6) a challenge…. Read More

A song is like a cartoon book

Singing in a foreign language is fun: new melodies, different rhythms, strange sounds. But it can sometimes be difficult to memorize the text! The solution: think, do and feel. Some examples: Which words resemble words in your own… Read More