Sit down & play

Welcome to The Singing Sofa, sit down & play!

Because we thought it was essential that this information should not only reach the choir leaders but should also be communicated to the young choristers as well, we decided to package the most crucial pieces of information in the format of a game. This game is most suitable for youth choirs (target age ca. 14-25 years, although the game has been tested and approved by both younger and older players) and is called ‘The Singing Sofa, sit down & play’. But don’t be deceived: you shouldn’t take sit down too literally!

Before starting the game, you are strongly advised to read the clearly structured game manual [click here to download the game manual]. That is the document you are now reading. Once you start to play, you can then do so with a minimum of printed game material [click here to download the game material]. You can decide whether or not it is necessary to print off this material, depending on the size and composition of your choir (equal voice or mixed voice). In this way, you can also ‘do your bit’ for the environment.

This game is highly educational for your singers and is full of valuable choir-related and singing-related information. This means that it is an excellent supplement to your normal choir rehearsals or an ideal way to organize an extra and more informal choir activity. So what are you waiting for? Sit down & play!