Singing in the choir … and elsewhere!

EYSI BLAUWSlightly more than half of the children and youngsters say that they need extra practice time outside of normal choir rehearsals. Youngsters practice more away from the choir than children do. The text is the element that requires most additional practice, followed by the musical elements, such as the notes and rhythms.


It is usually expected in children’s and youth choirs that the singers will be able to sing the songs from memory.

Tip LAMP grootMake clear to parents and (future) choir singers that the songs will sometimes need to be practiced at home. Half of the children and young people say that they spend extra time on learning their songs away from normal choir rehearsals and more than half say that they could use extra practice.

What effect has singing in a choir had on me?

EYSI BLAUWAbout two-thirds of the young choristers say that they are spending more time on music in general and have discovered other music styles since joining a choir. The same number believe that singing in a choir has had an influence on them.


42% of the children and youngsters state explicitly that they find it easier to remember things since they have been singing in a choir. This finding is valid for both genders and all ages.

EYSI BLAUW32% of the youngsters say that they devote more attention to the things around them since they have been singing in a choir. For children this figures drops to 19%.

A beginner or more experienced?

EYSI BLAUWChoirs leader are convinced that singing in a choir has a positive effect on the physical development of their singers. 90% of the children and youngsters say that they are able to learn more complex melodies more quickly since singing in a choir and three-quarters of them attribute skills such as a wider vocal reach, greater voice flexibility and the ability to adapt more easily to different tones to the more experienced choir members.

EYSI BLAUWMore than one in four of the young singers improve their musical knowledge after joining a choir. They either learn to read musical notes or enhance their existing ability to read notes.

EYSI BLAUWThe ability to read musical notes before you are allowed to perform with a choir varies from choir to choir. In the majority of choirs (56.4%) this is not a requirement. Where it is required, it is possible in most cases (83%) to learn how to read notes after you have joined the choir.

Voice mutation affects my singers by…

EYSI BLAUWAlmost 60% of the choir leaders are of the opinion that voice mutation affects both boys and girls. Almost one in three thinks that voice mutation only affect the voice of boys and nine choir leaders think that it only affects the voice of girls. The majority of choir leaders (86%) inform the children and youngsters about voice mutation, but it is important that they give correct information.

Tip LAMP grootContact your local choral federation for the right information in your own language!

In front of the class I am a natural performer!

EYSI BLAUWBoth the choir members and the choir leaders report that the young singers gain in self- confidence and make a more confident impression on others. The choir members also claim that in general they are happier and have a more positive approach to life since singing in the choir. Similarly, they say that they understand others better and can empathize with them more fully.

EYSI BLAUW87.7% of the young choristers say that they can sing better since joining a choir.

Tip LAMP groot

Try to perform regularly with your choir. This increases the confidence of the choir members. More than half to the children and youngsters say that they are more confident in other situations as a result of singing in the choir.