I sing with my feet

This is true: we sing with our whole body, from the soles of our feet to the top of our head. Every part of our body needs to work together to produce a good voice sound that is sufficiently loud and can be varied to reflect changes in the melody, rhythm, and text of the song. You can compare it with a motor car: if everything is working well, the engine sounds normal. But if something is not working properly, the engine sounds funny. When this happens, you can try to give extra power, but it hardly has any effect. Something somewhere is wrong. For example, your voice will not sound natural if you are standing, sitting or moving too loosely or if you are too tense. On the contrary, it will sound thin and weak, perhaps even hoarse. You will not have enough breath to reach the end of long sentences. People will not be able to understand what you are saying, because you cannot pronounce words properly and the sound remains blocked behind your lips. If, in contrast, you are stranding up too straight and too stiffly, you will experience different problems. The muscles in your neck, throat, jaw, back, and legs will be overstressed. This ‘blocks’ the necessary movements you need to sing properly. Your lungs and your diaphragm need mobility and your stomach muscles must be relaxed in order to support powerful or long-held notes, and the teeth must not be clenched together because your jaw is too rigid as a result of your posture. You can hear that something is wrong and try even harder to put it right, but this only further increases your feelings of stress, with inevitably poor results. This all leads to you overworking your voice, which is how voice problems start. It is like putting your foot on the gas pedal and the brake at the same time! Learning to sing with the correct posture is the best solution.

Tip LAMP groot

In addition to doing a ‘good posture ‘exercise during the warm-up, it is useful to do another in the middle of the rehearsal. This will stress to your singers the crucial importance of posture in good singing!

Tip LAMP grootTake a look at The Singing Sofa, sit down and play and play this fun game with your whole choir!