I know everything about the growing voice. I have experience!

EYSI BLAUWFor the majority of choir leaders their own training and experience are the most popular sources of information about voice mutation.

EYSI BLAUWMore than three-quarters of the choir leaders claim that they recognize vocal development in their choristers by changes in tonal reach, voice quality, voice stability, speaking tone and voice timbre. One in five of the choir leaders recognize voice development in their young singers through changes in all the symptoms listed in the questionnaire. This also includes posture, type of breathing and length of breathing.

EYSI BLAUWThere is a need to promote and stimulate greater awareness of the importance of good vocal health. Although the majority of choir leaders say that they take account of tonal reach, there are still almost 15% of them who take no account of the tonal reach of their singers when they are choosing the songs to be performed by the choir.

EYSI BLAUWOne in five of the young singers would benefit from more information about voice change. There were significantly more youngsters who said that they had already had personal experience of the negative aspects of this lack of information.

EYSI BLAUW15% of the choir leaders do not inform their young singers about voice mutation. Roughly the same number of these young singers thinks that their voice will not change as they get older, or are at least uncertain on this matter. In other words, there is a considerable lack of clarity about voice change amongst both choir leaders and choir singers. They need answers to questions such as: Who is affected by voice change? What things change, exactly? How can we identify these changes?

Tip LAMP grootIf you want to train the voices of your young singers in the best possible manner, invite an expert from another voice discipline to attend one of your rehearsals. This does not simply mean another choir leader or top singer, but can included voice therapists, doctors (ear, nose and throat), voice coaches, etc. If you find it difficult to arrange this for yourself, your local choral federation should be able to help you on your way!

Tip LAMP grootWould you like to know more about this topic? Then why not check out our page with interesting reading. Here you kind find reference works about voice development in puberty and how you can recognize the changes.

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