O dear, I’ve lost my voice…

You will be able to recognize when your voice is starting to fail, because you will be confronted with various problems when singing. You find it harder to reach the high notes, your throat is sore, your voice sounds somehow ‘different’ and less pure than usual. When this happens, it is best to give your voice a rest. Just like you, your voice can sometimes get tired or sick. If something doesn’t feel right, that’s usually because it isn’t right. In these circumstances, trying to do too much can only make matters worse.

EYSI BLAUWThere is a need for more information about good voice wellness. Almost 15% of young singers do nothing special when their voice is not working properly. Less than 40% of children and youngsters take conscious steps to take good care of their voice. Just as worrying is the fact that many of the young singers who try to do something to help their ailing voice actually take measures that do more harm than good. One in three cough more and half resort to a throat tablet to solve their voice problems, although this latter remedy is more common in youngsters than in children. Children tend to chose one of two extremes when their voice in not working properly: they either do nothing or they ask advice from their parents, something that the youngsters are more reluctant to do.

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