I’m exhausted!

Singing gives you energy, but it also takes a lot out of you. As a result, it is normal that young singers feel tired after a choir rehearsal. But the patterns of tiredness, the need for sleep and the sleeping/waking rhythm are all different in adolescents than in adults. On the one hand, bodily growth requires huge amounts of energy, whilst, on the other hand, the growing body releases its supply of the sleep hormone (melatonine) much later in the day. This means that young people are often tired, but still find it hard to sleep when they go to bed. The changing biorhythm means that they are super-alert during evening activities but find it hard to get up in the morning! It is as though they don’t want to go to bed early or get up early and therefore actually ‘opt’ for short nights and a lack of sleep! Although habit forming certainly plays a role, this is more often than not a biologically determined pattern. By talking about it and by taking account of the situation (to a certain extent, at least), the young person will feel supported in his development.