Why do we do things differently now?

In the past, sopranos had to stand on the left; now they stand on the right. In the past, repetitions began at seven o’clock; now they begin at seven-thirty. In the past, you could get a drink before… Read More

When I sing, it’s like playing in a film!

Nearly all the choir leaders say that they attach great importance to facial expression and bodily movement during singing, as well as to the personal environment and the fantasy world of their young singers. Two-thirds of choir leaders… Read More

Why do I sing in a choir?

Half of the young choristers began singing in a choir through intrinsic motivation: they simply like to sing. One is five joined a choir for cognitive reasons: they want to learn to sing better. The majority carry on… Read More

What effect has singing in a choir had on me?

About two-thirds of the young choristers say that they are spending more time on music in general and have discovered other music styles since joining a choir. The same number believe that singing in a choir has had… Read More

O dear, I’ve lost my voice…

You will be able to recognize when your voice is starting to fail, because you will be confronted with various problems when singing. You find it harder to reach the high notes, your throat is sore, your voice… Read More