Oops, that’s too difficult!

Half of the young singers admit that they sometimes experience difficulties when singing some songs. The most frequent difficulties are singing high and low notes and keeping in rhythm. 40 to 60% of the children and youngsters say… Read More

If my young choristers are happy singing, then I am happy as well!

The combined top three of all the choir leaders is as follows: The children and youngsters enjoy their singing (81.9%) The level of singing performance systematically improves (54.3%) We make progress together (39.4%)

When I sing, it’s like playing in a film!

Nearly all the choir leaders say that they attach great importance to facial expression and bodily movement during singing, as well as to the personal environment and the fantasy world of their young singers. Two-thirds of choir leaders… Read More

Singing makes me…!

If I sing, something happens to me … And it is nearly always something positive. Three out of every four young singers feel happy, feel good, or try their best. Half experience emotions such as pride, ambition and… Read More

I like to sing in a group, but I also like to sing solo!

Three-quarters of the children who have sung solo say that it was a positive experience.