Why do we do things differently now?

In the past, sopranos had to stand on the left; now they stand on the right. In the past, repetitions began at seven o’clock; now they begin at seven-thirty. In the past, you could get a drink before… Read More

Crossing boundaries

L’objectif du projet VOICE est d’apporter un souffle nouveau aux choristes de tous âges, aux chefs de chœur de tout bord, aux fédérations chorale et à la politique de chorale par-delà les frontières de l’Europe. Dans le Singing… Read More

Singing makes me…!

If I sing, something happens to me … And it is nearly always something positive. Three out of every four young singers feel happy, feel good, or try their best. Half experience emotions such as pride, ambition and… Read More

The choir and friends: it’s the same thing!

Singing in a choir is good for the social development of children and youngsters. They learn to make contact with others and begin friendships. School is still the most popular place to make friends (41.3%). But the choir… Read More

Why do I sing in a choir?

Half of the young choristers began singing in a choir through intrinsic motivation: they simply like to sing. One is five joined a choir for cognitive reasons: they want to learn to sing better. The majority carry on… Read More